About the club

The Juniors are the brainchild of husband and wife team, Adam Maddock and Jordane Edwards-Maddock. After identifying the lack of basketball available to children in the local area, Adam decided to qualify as a coach having experienced himself, the positive benefits that basketball can have on both the mind and body.

Supported by the senior Stamford Knights team, the first session in April 2019 was attended by 10 children between the ages of 8-12 in a one hour slot.

The Club has now expanded and opened their own half court/3×3 basketball training facility. This has enabled the team to offer coaching opportunities to more children and more frequently. The facility is also available for private use.

Coaching team

Adam Maddock
Adam Maddock - Stamford Junior Knights

Adam has always had an interest in fitness, he played basketball whilst at secondary school. In 2015, Adam was invited by an old school friend to a pick-up session and that rekindled his enjoyment – he realised just how much he had missed the sport. He undertook his level 2 coaching qualification through Basketball England (via Enrique Alonso at Bedford Thunder) in February 2019 and is constantly looking to further develop his knowledge of basketball, to be able to provide children with the best opportunities to progress. When he is not coaching he enjoys playing for the Stamford Knights Senior team. When his schedule allows Adam likes to spend a Sunday at Bedford Thunder with Enrique, watching how he coaches his sessions.

Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart - Stamford Junior Knights

Duncan is a level 2 (and 3 pending experience with national league team) qualified coach. He is also a qualified court and table official.
Duncan has played in National League divisions 1, 2 and 3 as well as local league team management and player/coach, 1999-2005.
He was Fenland, East Cambs and Peterborough schools basketball coach and official from 2001 to 2012.

“I’m a big fan of Jordane and Adam’s ideology of the club and support that vision. I personally think basketball is amazing with its individual athleticism and high level ball skills. It’s a fast paced invasion game, high scoring, coordinated team play, where technical defensive skills and tactics all inter play for great competition, fitness and fun.”

Jordane Edwards-Maddock
Jordane Edwards-Maddock - Stamford Junior Knights

Sometimes referred to as ‘the driving force’ Jordane handles all of the admin and organisation for the club. You will usually find her on the side lines offering support to the coaches, checking in the children and communicating with parents. Jordane is also a qualified level 1 table official and level 1 Coach.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans - Stamford Junior Knights

Chris has played basketball since secondary school representing Wales in u15, U16 and u21 age groups and has played in senior men’s leagues in Wales and England. Since qualifying as a Basketball England level 2 coach in 2016 he has worked with players from grass roots to u18 and coached teams in the East Midlands National League for 3 years.  You will find Chris focusing on player skills and drilling teams in a fun and competitive way. He believes the strongest teams are those that do the basics brilliantly and have a respectful and supportive structure at their heart.  ‘I love the game and I want to help our players develop great fundamental skills from which they can achieve their basketball dreams and have a lot of fun. Stamford Knights Basketball Club provides a fantastic platform for this, and I am excited to be working with them and all the great players who attend our sessions.’

Emilie Devereux

Emilie Devereux - Stamford Junior Knights

Emilie is an Alumni Basketball Athlete who played for Concordia University, Canada. Emilie has over 12 years’ experience coaching young girls and supporting in intensive basketball clinics and camps for athletes of all ages and abilities. Having been a part of a strong basketball community in her home country, Emilie is passionate about creating a rich basketball community in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. As a high-spirited young coach, she enjoys bringing her unique coaching style to each session to build talent and confidence in her players. She is very vocal and there is no doubt that you will be able to hear her before you see her!

Chris Stubbs

Chris has played basketball since she was a teenager and is currently a Level 1 coach. Chris is the complete basketball player and competes on every possession with high I.Q and fantastic fundamental technique making her everyone’s favourite team mate.

Stefán Thor Smith

Stefán started playing basketball as a teenager on street courts in Reykjavik. He went on to play (for a short while) at University. After many years away from the sport, it was his youngest daughter joining SJK that reminded him of the enjoyment for the game. As a level 1 coach, Stefan supports the level 2 coaches to run their sessions.

Mark Johnstone

Mark, also a qualified basketball coach, manages the Senior Knights team. The Juniors and Seniors have a strong and solid relationship and support each other where possible. For enquiries about the senior team, email Stamfordbasketball@gmail.com

Dave Phillips
Dave Phillips - Stamford Junior Knights

Dave is now taking a well earn’t break away from coaching whilst still being a great advocate and valuable support.

“The culture of the club Adam, Jordane and Duncan have built is an inspiration. Every player that comes to the club is treated as an individual and supported to challenge themselves to grow in their own way. It’s fantastic that we have got a growing group of girls playing and enjoying the game and we will do all we can as a club to keep building an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is valued for who they are.”

Dave grew up playing street basketball where the only hoop was on a local school playground. At the time, the shortest rake-thin kid so not an obvious baller! Years later, his son and eldest daughter both enjoy the game. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Dave is a level one coach and has been coaching with Knights since pre-COVID. He was also a qualified coach for kids rugby for 8 years – until his son switched to a better ball!

Tomasz Oleksyk

Tomasz has now returned to Poland but he keeps a keen interest in the Knights.

Having played in both Poland and England for a number of years, Tomasz brings with him knowledge and experience.