U12s Tournament in Hull

It was great to have Jacob play on the team…

From the first time we met Jacob, he fitted straight in, and hit it of with Caelan. They both love this game (game recognises gameπŸ€)

Jacob played with the heart of a lion against kids twice his size, grabbing rebounds from players twice his size and hitting some big time shots.

Caelan played with great intensity, and brilliant handles, using his skills to get to space to either shoot or pass to teammates, so they could score. Keep smiling Caelan and always keep your chin up.

Flynn did everything on the court, hustling and fighting to get boards from kids twice his size even wrestling with one of the biggest players on a loose ball πŸ˜‚well done!

Ted came out straight of the get go hitting some cracking shots to get his team mates fired up. He used some great footwork in the post tooπŸ‘Š

Bertie played strong using both left and right hand to finish at the hoop and great defence to also working hard to help his team mates by getting loose balls.

Cam’s first game with us and he designed his own play by fooling the other team into thinking he was going to score in his own basket, by turning before he got to the half way line and passing over the defence for a team mate to get an open shot( one for the note bookπŸ˜‚)

Alex played good defence and got some big shots using good footwork by pivoting and shooting, with showing he can go from running to being able to stop in control and finish.

Tommy first game too, he grabbed some great rebounds and put back a couple of them to get some points and help his team mates out. Well done Tommy as cool as a cucumber

Thank you Shannon Sayers for photos and Louis Sayers Basketball for help coaching tooπŸ‘ŠπŸ€

Thank you Kings Basketball Club for putting on the tournament

Thank you to all parents tooπŸ‘

We won 3 out of 5 games not bad considering some players haven’t played a proper game before. πŸ”₯πŸ€